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Metamorphosis NS-station hall

A gigantic exhibition space with life-sized historic photographs in light boxes. The station hall of Hengelo is dedicated to 150 years Stad & Stork. The exhibition is about the cultural and social development that Stork has left to the city and its residents. In collaboration with the HeArtGallery foundation, we took care of its design and realization.

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Photo-exposition 150 years City & Stork

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Graphic design

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Everything is Stork

Architecture, education, associations and cultural institutions: much of Stork's history is still visible or active in Hengelo. With the historical photos, the HeArtGallery foundation wanted to show how extensive the city of Machine factory Brothers Stork & Co. has benefited.

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By engaging us for the design and elaboration of the image, the exhibition comes to life thanks to life-sized photos in the station light boxes.

Life, color and energy

A place where many people come and go. The station hall is a generally gray place that we have transformed and uplifted by blowing life, color, and energy into the location.

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Length of 80 meters

The exhibition colors the entire station hall of Hengelo, consists of 64 panels, is 1.80 meters tall and has a total length of 80 meters. The underground hall has been transformed into a huge exhibition space with life-sized photos in the light boxes along the walls.

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The combination of clear typography with large images ensures that persons passing by an easily admire the exhibition at eye level. The exhibition embodies how history and design can lead to an interesting outcome and match.

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Station hall full of art

At the request of the Dutch Railway Station (NS), the exhibition '150 years City & Stork' will be admired for a year in the station hall of Hengelo. The prospect for a new interpretation of the light boxes will remain available for photo exhibitions.