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Brothers and Sons

When you think of Brothers and Sons, you think of timeless designs; daring, innovative and sustainable. At these furniture makers from Tilburg, pure craftsmanship courses through their blood.

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Shared motivation for design & creation

Together with

Wolfstreet & Nohau


UI design, UX design, web development



Focus on the collection

The Brothers and Sons designers are constantly pushing their limits and are determined to create groundbreaking designs. Such designs deserve a podium!


We created this stage in the form of a website. To emphasize the characteristics of the Brothers and Sons' designs, we have created a simple and sleek design.

Product spotlight

The website breathes Brothers and Sons; minimalism and a lot of space and attention for the products.

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Brothers 3D

3D models

Each product has its own landing page to give it the podium it deserves in which the details are highlighted. In addition, all products can be viewed in 3D and visitors can personalize the models by choosing the color and material. Everything to ensure the visitor gets the best user experience.



Perfect for mobile

At BERT we try to find the limit on each device. This is also the case with mobile. The experience that the desktop offers is recreated in the online version. This way the user experience stays the same.



Distinguished craftsmanship

By working with a clean design and sleek forms, we focused on the collection of Brothers and Sons as an eye-catcher.

Awwwards praised the site with an 'honorable mention' and it won a 'Site of the Day' award at the Best Website gallery.

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