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Virtual Cycling

Cyclemasters is the new platform for virtual cycling lessons. It is now possible for everyone to climb the Alpe d'Huez from home. We were asked to develop a new visual identity and take care of the design of the platform.

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A powerful, sporty identity that meets today's aesthetic and requirements.


Bleiswijk, Netherlands


Visual identity, branding, UI/UX design

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Visual identity

Building a sports brand

In close collaboration with Cyclemasters, a new logo has been developed. Sporty and adapted to the demands of our time. In a short brandsprints we realised a new visual identity together with the customer. So the customer becomes a part of the design team and it's decisions.

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For the identity, we chose a bright neon color that works brilliantly on a dark background. This gives the whole style a sporty and catchy look & feel. In collaboration with and partly made by the studio of Cyclemasters, we created beautiful images to add even more strength to this feeling.

Workout at home with a coach

The platform offers the possibility to follow separate lessons or complete workouts. Pick a trainer you'd like to work with and you are ready to go!

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Available at any time

Desktop, tablet, or mobile. All devices have the ability to stream or link your lesson with your TV. That way you can go and exercise anywhere and at any time!

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User Interface

Training Interface

Of course we have also designed the interface that you see when you are in a lesson. Here you can see the intensity, heart rate, how far you still need and of course the beautiful view.

We also designed the interface that is visible when you are in a lesson. You an see the intensity, heart rate, the remaining time and a magnificent view.

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What's next

Join the ride!

Cyclemasters is currently rolling out slowly at an international level. We will continue to support them in terms of branding and digital design.

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