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A new look for Jungo

A reliable mortgage with competitive conditions and low costs. Thanks to the crowd, this becomes possible with a Jungo mortgage. Extra interest benefit and the necessary extras. BERT was asked to rebrand for this disruptive innovation.

Jung Ipad

Fresh restyling and powerful illustration style






UI/UX design, brand identity, development, logo redesign

Jungo 1

Logo design

Upgrade of existing logo

The symbolic connection form is derived from the existing logo. After sketching and the conceptual phase, the right format and perfect coherence was created. And after many design variants, we came up with the right format and coherence.

Jungo 2

The restyling slowly rolled out to other tools. Such as the investment platform, social campaigns and other communication resources.

Small steps, big change

Jungo is a digital product. So that's why we could rebrand faster and make a big change with small steps.

  • Jungo Web1
  • Jungo Web2
Jungo Mobile

Quite a few pastel colors

Pastel colors make happy, are relaxing to the eye and have a soft, refined character. By combining these colors with a lot of white, an accessible and positive corporate identity is created. Because taking out a mortgage is a serious and exciting step after all.

Jungo Add
Jungo Ills


Characteristic illustration style

Because the technical nature of Jungo requires a lot of text and substantive information, we developed in collaboration with founder Vincent a supportive powerful illustration style to convey trust and tranquility.

Jungo Campaign


Well-sounded concept

The concept of Jungo dates back to 2015 and has therefore already raced far beyond the start-up phase: with success! Kim Opdam and Ivo van Kampen were the first couple to successfully purchase the house of their dream home with a crowdfunding mortgage!

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