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Hello Kaleido

A new innovation in healthcare. Specially designed to help people with diabetes and to take the reins in their own hands. Meet Kaleido!

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Digital Design & Development

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Functional, compact and colorful

Kaleido is an insulin pump that you can be proud of! You can show Kaleido to the outside world. With Kaleido you can compose your set exactly the way you want it.

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An insulin pump is often seen as complex and technical. That does not have to. Kaleido strives for a User Interface that is easily and quickly understandable. On any digital device, both on the handset and the website.

Same style, different outcome!

Kaleido was looking for a digital partner who could make the right translation toward online communication. A high-quality product needs a high-quality website. A website that can perfectly communicate the brand experience.

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Color, color and even more color!

Kaleido stands for freedom, fun, and individuality. The Visual Identity carries this message. A lot of colors and dynamic shapes ensure a lively and playful design.

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What is Kaleido?

Explaining what Kaleido is and can do for a person was central to the design. A simple navigation structure and concise content chunks allow the user to get acquainted with Kaleido. With 1 click, the user has access to all Kaleido ins and outs.

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Say hello to Kaleido!

Kaleido is currently launching in the Netherlands and England, but eventually, Kaleido will color the entire world. Live life on your own terms!

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