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With a future view, advising entrepreneurs in the field of accountancy, taxes and financial issues. KroeseWevers offers tailor-made solutions, coupled with a good dose of earnestness, KroeseWevers distinguishes itself from its competitors. For us, the challenge was to make this more tangible and visible.

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Tailor-made solutions for financial matters




Corporate identity, rebranding, brand story, digital design, visual design, webdevelopment

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Seeing through the numbers

Doing the same as others, but doing it differently. Internally this is self-evident for the people at KroeseWevers. But with new and potential customers, however, this was not always as apparent. After all, accountants and tax consultants do all look alike.

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We made a clear distinction. With multiple online tools as a knowledge base set up with blogs, whitepapers, and publications.

My KroeseWevers preferred information

Flexible and tailor-made. By implementing this preferred information system 'My KroeseWevers' the website became even easier to use and above all, it got a personal touch. The system provides the option to create a personal website that matches the preferences and interests that has been listed.

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Design grid

Thanks to a sophisticated design grid, the clients themselves are able to keep a firm control of all new communication resources. This way we maintain a consistent branding.

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Complete brand implementation

From business cards to car wraps. We took care of the complete brand implementation. In this way, we are able to take control of every communication touchpoint and create an optimal brand experience.

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