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Mailosaur is for QA & Development Teams and for anyone who builds, tests or presents products. We were asked to design a new visual identity and implement it digitally.

Mailosaur Header

A striking playful rebranding for Mailosaur.


Hampshire, England


Brand identity, graphic design, logo design

Mailosaur 1

Logo design

A dino envelope

An powerful and distinctive name that already appeals to the imagination: it was made quite easy for us. The challenge however, was to merge a dinosaur with a mail symbol into one recognizable form. It brings a smile to your face: the dino envelope!

Mailosaur 2

Build the base

The boundaries of the functional design became clear and offered a realistic elaboration of the design. The sketch phase is therefore the most creative phase in which the most roughly elaborated ideas arise. We built a good foundation and slowly made the step to the digital and graphically recognizable logo.

Digital first approach

With our experience for tech & startup companies, we often get the request to go directly to digital. The business of these companies are online oriented. The print design follows the digital way.

  • Mailosaur Site1
  • Mailosaur Site2
Mailosaur 4

Illustration is the key

Photography as a presentation of a digital product is a common solution, but not always suitable. An effective illustration style for a digital product like Mailosaur shows how clever the concept is, without using words. An enlightening view for a specific subject.

Mailosaur 6
Mailosaur Sign

Visual identity

Room for creative interpretation

For Mailosaur we deliberately opted to keep the corporate identity open for interpretation. Logo, typography, and color are the elements that are fixed and ensure recognisability. This allows the style to move along in time and creates room for new creative interpretation.

Mailosaur Paper


Further development

Together with Mailosaur, we rolled out the new identity. The basis is settled and we look forward to further development.

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