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A lightweight device, for every bike. Swytch makes electric transport possible for everyone. We were given the honor to create the 'face' for this innovative tech start-up. With a branding to match!

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More than an electrice bike


London, Great Britain


Brand identity, brand proposition, brand story, visual design

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A strong visual identity

Swytch was looking for an interplay between innovation and reliability. A new brand, a fitting design. We helped them forward by being their training wheels, and of course by creating a recognizable and uncomplicated look & feel. Mature and powerful, just like them!

Swytch Bike

The battery is the heart of the product and gets a prominent place in front of the bike. The logo, therefore, acts as a front lamp and should be simple and characteristic for the brand. We created a powerful but simplistic logo.

Brand experience

In order to give substance to the brand, a solid strategy is needed. An analysis of the intended target group and the associated targets were set up. The complete brand experience was born.

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Swytch Motor

A lifestyle brand

Swytch makes electric cycling accessible for everyone. That's why we designed a brand that everyone can relate to.

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London calling!

At BERT we work for various international clients from all over the world. That might sound difficult, with all those different time zones and languages. But we manage this by having intensive contact (on an almost daily base) with the customer and work side by side to achieve the perfect result. We like breaking boundaries!

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A slam dunk of a campaign!

Swytch managed to raise a whopping result of almost 400,000 euros via the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. Which exceeded all expectations. We're still working closely with the team at Swytch to reach new heights with the brand and their product...

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