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Uit in Enschede

Whether you are a music lover, a shopaholic or a connoisseur, Enschede has something for everyone. Enschede Promotion is delivering this message through the online platform 'Uit in Enschede'. We gave this platform a modern and accessible new appearance. With the goal to make it even easier for the user to plan a city trip to Enschede.

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Residential and working city for everyone


City promotion


Rebranding, UI/UX design, brand strategy, development

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Lively, versatile and hospitable

Enschede promotion is responsible for city marketing, events, and tourism. The great strength of Uit in Enschede is making a connection. The connection between man and the city today.

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Enschede receives a lot of visitors on an annual basis. Both from Germany and other surrounding cities. That will only increase in the coming years. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, the website will become an even more important communication tool.

Always informed

A well-functioning website that makes a visual impression. Get to know Enschede in a special and personal way. On the platform you will find everything to get even more out of your visit. Trips, events, restaurants, background information and local hotspots.

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User first approach

A platform built based on the wishes and needs of the user. The website has a personal approach by using elements such as featured content, personalized favorites, and the agenda filter system.

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Uit In Enschede Mobile

From mobile to desktop

Get your phone, click on what you are looking for and let Uit in Enschede do the rest! Thanks to the extensive agenda you have all your favorite ice cream salons, clothing stores and museums at your fingertips.

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During the development process we first made the mobile version, based on that we further developed the tablet and desktop version. The result is a simple platform that helps the user to determine his goal: what are we going to do in Enschede?

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