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Want to send your packages easy, quick and cheap? Postpony makes this possible. This international player handles the logistics process of shipments between China and the rest of the world.

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Create your own shipment at a fair price.




Beijing, China


Brand identity, rebranding, digital design, UI/UX design

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Mix between global, logistics & ponies.

When we heard the name Postpony it was clear to our designers what the basis of the logo should be; the pony.

Postpony Mok

The pony entered the sketch phase and was accompanied by the characteristics 'global' and 'logistics'. This mixture resulted in its new logo and visual identity.

Full digital transformation

The logistics process is visualized in the design by creating movement with shapes and lines. This has been implemented throughout the design of the website. In addition, it was important that the shipping process was simple enough to understand by everyone, so we opted the use of icons and to give them a prominent place on the website.

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Postpony Backdrop

Redesign of shipment environment

The website has an environment where users can go through the shipping process. Postpony works with international courier companies such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL and offers users the best shipping option.

Postpony Branding
Postpony Bag


Digital communication

Postpony was our first Asian client. The distance and language, however, did not form a barrier to the whole design and building process. The communication was smooth sailing and the client trusted our design skills to the fullest, which gave us a lot of creative freedom.



Wearing it with pride

With every design that we deliver, we aim to make the customer proud as well. We constantly look to extend our boundaries but at the same time ensure recognition. For Postpony we have delved into the Chinese market and sought inspiration in cartoons. This resulted in a playful design, in which we visualized positivity and fun through the use of a specific style.

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