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Europe is becoming increasingly popular for Chinese visitors. To make their journey easier, KPN is launching the WeChat Go SIM card for Chinese tourists in cooperation with China's largest internet company Tencent (WeChat) and Sunway Culture Media (Sunway). We developed a fresh visual identity with an international appearance.

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Making Europe feel like home



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Design, development

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One application to support Chinese travelers in all EU countries with (video) content, social media, calling options and 4G data services. By offering this in the Mandarin language, connectivity and the right support is created.

Wegoeu Logo

The translation of the core message into a universally appealing design. The logo as an important part of this must have an international appearance and be in line with the WeChat logo. The use of green as the main color in the visual style thereby establishes the connection with KPN.

Chinese tourist as a base

When choosing photography and visual material, the Chinese traveler had to be pictured and addressed.

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Functional, informative and digital

WeChatGo provides tourists with all possible and convenient services to make their trip to Europe unforgettable. With the following functionalities:

- Highlights per city;
- Easy access to all types of public transport and transport;
- A wide range of different types of restaurants, shops and supermarkets;
- Location-based services to help travelers with what they need.

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Scalable logo design

The Eiffel Tower in France, the Berlin wall in Germany and the Big Ben in England. For each country it's possible to make a scalable and appropriate logo translations, without losing sight of the corporate identity. The translation of the core message into a universally appealing design.

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Broadly supported identity

The branding had to be translated into all means of communication and expressions that are used. The whole stationary is breathing the international atmosphere of WeGoEU.

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